Tamara Gammon-Owner and Curator

Gammon is an internationally renowned artist and the CEO of Three Dream Designs, LLC. Born in Jamaica, she is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist whose work is characterized by vibrant colors and explores themes of women and abstract expressionism. Tamara draws inspiration from her Caribbean roots, and her works are rendered in watercolors, oil, acrylic, pastels, and ink on canvas.

Although art on canvas is where she began, Tamara has ventured into wearable art, creating a remarkable collection of her original designs, including swimsuits, dresses, and other items. Her eclectic backpack and purse line, "The Phoenix," was launched in June 2020 and sold out within the first week. Actress and social media influencer Tabitha Brown has been spotted wearing Tamara's designs.

In August 2022, Tamara's solo show at Art Meso in Times Square in New York City, NY, showcased her latest paintings and charms, The Pandora Series. Her art has been featured in retailers like Merge and Co, Westside Market, and West Elm stores across the United States, including New York, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and Orlando. She has a residency at West Elm, Marriott's Aloft boutique hotel chain in Atlanta, and a resort on Lake Lanier in North Georgia.

Tamara's work has received international recognition, and she was recently a featured artist at Art Meso in Times Square. Her designs have been the featured lifestyle brand in West Elm locations across Metro Atlanta, and she has expanded her brand to Houston, New York City, and Orlando. Now she is the resident artist at these locations.
Over the years, Tamara's work has gained local and international exposure.

At a 2021 collaboration with David's Bridal and Men's Warehouse, she debuted her resort wear line at A Bride's Expo. Her figurative and abstract art has cumulatively resulted in her work being sought after by culturally diverse collectors across the globe. Tamara's pieces can be found, hung, and worn in homes across North America, Europe, and the Caribbean.